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Grow Your Brand and Realize More Sales With Everest Advertising Solutions

Get your products in front of millions of outdoor enthusiasts when they are searching for the
right gear for their next adventure.

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Storefronts of all sizes can participate in the robust Everest Advertising Platform (EAP). By giving you the option to choose the budget that's right for your store, you can be sure to compete and start seeing immediate results. Plus, it's super easy to get started connecting with our outdoor enthusiasts users, from expert deep water fishermen to a college kid about to go on their first hike.

Watch Your Numbers Go Up

When you start advertising with Everest you immediately engage with customers at every point in their purchase funnel. Your participation helps your business and it helps them find the right gear. It's win win.

Every Budget
Is Welcome

We know that all stores are unique, what works for one might not work for another. Set your own budget and adjust as needed. Change your budget as often as you like. As your budget grows so will your sales.

A Few Clicks
To Start

You can be up and running with your first campaign in just minutes. Just click the get started button on this page and get in touch, soon you'll be off to the races. Start watching your sales sore.

Targeted Solutions

You don't need to shoot blindly. We have the brand metrics, consumer journeys, and customer data to help you reach relevant shoppers when they're ready to buy. Our proprietary systems make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Intelligent Data

You'll always know exactly how your campaigns are performing, so you can sort out what's working and what's not working so you can focus on the campaigns driving the most revenue for your brand.

We're Everywhere

Our EAP system allows you to advertise within the Everest Marketplace, but it doesn't stop there. We help place your ads on websites across the internet driving serious traffic from the whole web right to your products.

Promoting Your Products with EAP
(Everest Advertising Platform)

Simple, Successful, Self-service

Sponsored Products

Increased views on specific products that you choose

  • Budget per impression
  • Float products to the top of customer searches
  • Your products show up first on category pages

Featured Products

Increase recognition for your products

  • Dedicated section on all product pages
  • Budget per impression
  • Product specific display across Everest

Display Advertising

Get in front of specific shoppers

  • Highly targeted display ads
  • Placement on category, home, and product pages
  • Appear in emails from Everest

Storefront Spotlights

Get your storefront seen

  • Feature your Everest store to the right people
  • Display ads directing shoppers to your store
  • Float your products to top

Everest will pay you to advertise!

We will match every $100 you spend on Everest advertising up to $1000 to really jump start your campaigns (minimum ad spend required)

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More Options Never Hurt!

You can promote your storefront and products across the web using EAP

Display Network

Across the whole internet

  • Placement across the web
  • Cost per impression
  • Enhanced reach


Tell the world

  • Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll
  • Cost per view
  • Creative services available

Tailored Campaigns

Every store is different

  • Dedicated ad team available
  • Put your marketing in the hands of our experts
  • Budget friendly options available

Geo-target Your Audience

We can help with that.

  • Serve ads to the people you choose
  • Monitor the results 24/7
  • The right people at the right time

Full-stack digital advertising solution

Provide a full-stack digital advertising solution for the resellers on the digital advertising platform that includes over 65 digital advertising solutions under these specific categories.

Standard Display

Programmatic advertising allows an Everest reseller to reach their ideal target market anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Geo Fencing

Targets people based on their current actual physical location, or a location where they were previously. These locations are mapped and turned into targetable data segments.

Pre-Roll Video

Programmatic Video is as scalable as banner advertising with all the innovative targeting options but in a more desirable video format.


Help brands tell a story to the desired target audience in real time, at any time, anywhere in the country.

Streaming TV

Reach cord-cutting TV viewers that are not available with traditional TV commercials and those streaming content via personal devices.

Email Marketing

A marketer can reach their specific target market by leveraging email the same way they have used acquisition direct mail in the past.


Reach consumers in a content friendly manner, providing users with a deeper level of information in a long form content format.

Paid Search

Recognized for being a critical part of any purchasing decision, often being leveraged while consumers research a product or service, compare, and ultimately purchase.

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization incorporates top tier listings with on-site technical components to help businesses drive competitive viability.

Organic SEO

Organic Search Engine Optimization is perfect for any business with a website that is looking to compete for online visibility in search engine results to drive new website traffic and conversions.

Facebook & Instagram

Leverage the power of 2.3 billion monthly Facebook users and 500 million daily Instagrammers with some of the most precise audience targeting available today.

Streaming Audio

With programmatic streaming audio advertising, clients can reach their target audiences while they go about their day.

Our sellers are seeing significant gain in conversions when incorporating these growth strategies. Some sellers anticipate seeing 10x ROAS this year utilizing all the tools available in the Everest ad warchest.

- Marcus Johnson, EVP of Business Operations

Start your success story today with the help of EAP (Everest Advertising Platform)

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