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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this FAQ page for Everest for answers to your questions regarding our site and policies.

There is no monthly fee. It is completely FREE to set up your storefront on the Everest marketplace.

Yes, there is a small fee placed on each transaction. This fee covers the credit card transaction fee and handling fees.

No, there a no tiers based on sales volumes.

Since Everest is a true marketplace and not a classified or auction site, there are no fees to add products to your storefront.

Our platform handles all credit card processing when an order is placed.

You can use your internal shipping systems and load tracking into our system. You will access all customer data, order information, analytics via your Everest dashboard. We just need to know that you shipped the product and it was received - the more often you do this timely the more often you will win the "Buy Box" algorithm.

Our platform has API integration available. Our development team will do whatever it takes in order for your system to be able to communicate with your storefront on Everest.

As soon as a customer purchases one of the products you have in stock, you will be notified immediately via email or via API integration. You will be prompted to login to your Everest dashboard to fulfill the order.

Unlike many other places on the web, on the Everest platform there is only one (1) product page per product. This creates a better user experience for our customers. The buy box algorithm awards the product page to the merchant that has met the most elements in our custom algorithm.

The “Buy Box” algorithm uses several factors in order to award the product page to the particular merchant. Those factors include: Geo-targeted software, the amount of products a merchant has listed on the site, the verified customer reviews of the merchant, on-time shipping factors, participation in the community and the length of participation on the site. Merchants are highly encouraged to submit content as often as possible.

A very small percentage related to price is computed into the algorithm.