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What's Your Everest?

We want to know what everyone's dream is and help them accomplish it, from reeling in the big one, to making it to the top of the mountain, to running their fastest mile. We want to know: What's Your Everest? Then we want to help them achieve it. Then we want to sit around a campfire and hear the story.

Everest is a privately owned company with multiple investment opportunities available. If interested in more information on what options are currently available, please contact us via email at: [email protected]

Everest is a community-driven marketplace for the outdoor gear world. Our mission is to make the outdoors more accessible to everyone.

Investment Thesis

  • There is a growing demand for specialization from passionate shoppers. Everest is the first online marketplace and community hub exclusively built for the outdoor recreation world.

  • Users can shop great deals on a wide range of products for different outdoor hobbies. They can also consume and share content, converse with sellers and brands, check out celebrity picks, and stream outdoor video content.

  • Everest is growing fast! With explosive growth just around the corner this is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Together we can move mountains!

  • As we grow we are building an eternal brand that we know will one day soon be a household name. We're looking to truly disrupt the online marketplace industry.

  • Our team has worked for and with some of the biggest names in the industry. With tons of specific experience in the outdoor gear e-commerce world, we're poised to conquer the market.

  • We've got valuable patents, catchy trademarks, memorable URLs, and more in the Everest portfolio.

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Our Teams Are Located Around the Globe in Places Like:
Texas, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa, India

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Download Our Investment Materials

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